Media Converters / Switches / SFP Modules

  Fibertronics network media converters. Used as a ethernet to fiber converter.  The media converters can transform signals among Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, T1/E1, DS3, ATM, V.35, etc. Fibertronics networks is the acknowledged specialist in the media converters area; their transition networks media converters take the most part in the world market in this field.

Fibertronics fiber to ethernet network media converters are used in Cisco Systems, IBM, Nortel, Microsoft and ADC. By using our media converters, these world leading enterprises cut their cabling cost. Based on Transition Point System advantages, users could save the cost while do not degrade the network performance.  Fibertronics Inc. aim to cooperate with user’s existed network equipment without affecting its appearance and whole performance.

Fibertronics media converters are becoming more and more used around the world.  Our high quality and reliable fiber optic media converters are available in many different types.  If you do not See the type you are looking for, then just simply send Fibertronics a quick e-mail and we’ll be able to either locate the exact type you need or we’ll manufacture it.

 Thank you for choosing Fibertronics Inc. for your fiber to ethernet converter.  For Assistance call us at 321-473-8933