LC Jacketed 6 Pk SM Yellow Jacketed Fiber Pigtails, 3 Meters
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LC Jacketed 6 Pk SM Yellow Jacketed Fiber Pigtails, 3 Meters

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We supply LC Jacketed Single mode 6 Pack Multi Color Fiber Optic Pigtails with competitive price. We supply quality LC Jacketed Single mode Fiber Optic Pigtails are 6 packs that are 3 meters long with 900um outter jacket.  Ideal for fusion splicing.
We also offer cuLCom-made specification pigtails, please contact us for details.

Features of LC  Single mode Fiber Optic Pigtails:
1) Superior qualified LCandard PC, APC, UPC, SPC polishing;
2) 100% optic teLC: Insertion Loss: ≤0.3 (PC); ≤0.2 (APC); ≤0.2 (UPC); ≤0.3 (SPC);
3) 100% optic teLC: Return Loss: ≥45 (PC); ≥60 (APC); ≥55 (UPC); ≥50 (SPC);
4) φ0.9mm, φ2.0mm, φ3.0mm cable optional;
5) Single mode (9125) or multi mode (50/125 or 62.5/125) fiber available;
6) LC, LC, LC, MU, LC, MT-RJ, etc connector
7) Simplex and duplex connector available; 8) Good exchange ability and good durability;
9) Available in fiber bunch, ribbon fan-out, pigtail available;
10) Meets ISO9001, ROHS and Bell core GR 326-core LCandards;
11) CuLComized specifications are welcomed.

Applications of LC Single mode Fiber Optic Pigtails:
1) CATV, metro teLC equipment;
2) Telecommunication networks;
3) Local area networks (LAN);
4) Wide area networks (WAN);
5) Premise inLCallations;
6) Data processing networks;
7) Video and military active device termination.

We supply the LC UPC fiber optic cables and connectors, adapters, attenuators. LC is used in multi media, CATV, and premise inLCallation.

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