Duplex 3mm Furcation Tubing

Furcation tubing designed with strength and flexibility in mind. Available in many different colors and built with strengthening aramid yarn.

Features and Options:

  • Available with 3mm and 2mm jacketed furcation tubing to accept either 250µm bare fiber or 900µm tight buffer
  • 2mm and 3mm jacketed available in both Simplex furcation tubing and Duplex furcation tubing
  • Coating material is made of flame retardant PVC (certified ONFR)
  • Also available in LSZH, Hytrel, etc. upon request
  • Available in all 12 standard colors for fiber optics (blue, orange, green, brown, slate, white, red, black, yellow, purple, rose, and aqua)

2mm / 3mm furbation tubing for 900µm tight buffer / loose tube or 250µm bare fiber