8-Port Wall or Pole Mountable Fiber Termination Box
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8-Port Wall or Pole Mountable Fiber Termination Box

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As seen above, the FT-SPB1 Termination Box is Pole and Wall Mountable, perfect for corridors, basements, poles, external walls and more. Made with a high-quality plastic and fitted with a rubber gasket, this termination box is UV-resistant and rainfall resistant.



Seen above on the left is where the small diameter cable enters the box and is fixed or fastened. On the right, we see the back side of the tray with splitters and coils. Below are some pictures of both sides of a fully equipped tray. On the right you'll see the drop cable leaving one of the output holes.



These Termination Boxes are highly customizable; they can be outfitted with almost any connector and can be used in a wide range of applications, including FTTH projects, Telecommuncation networks, CATV networks, and Data and Local Area Networks.




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