2mm Duplex Fiber Optic Furcation Tubing for 900µm - Brown
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2mm Duplex Fiber Optic Furcation Tubing for 900µm - Brown

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  • Item #: FTC-2-900-E-DX
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Brown 2mm Duplex Furcation tubing designed with strength and flexibility in mind.

Accepts 900µm tight buffer fiber in any fibermode (singlemode, multimode, 62.5, 50 micron, OM3, etc.)

Also available in other colors and built with strengthening aramid yarn.

Features and Options:

  • Available with 3mm and 2mm jacketed furcation tubing to accept either 250µm bare fiber or 900µm tight buffer fiber
  • Available in 900µm loose tube furcation tubing to accept 250µm bare fiber
  • 2mm and 3mm jacketed available in both Simplex furcation tubing and Duplex furcation tubing
  • Coating material is made of flame retardant PVC (certified ONFR)
  • Also available in LSZH, Hytrel, etc. upon request
  • Available in all 12 standard colors for fiber optics (blue, orange, green, brown, slate, white, red, black, yellow, purple, rose, and aqua)
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