2M LC Uniboot Duplex Plenum Jacket Fiber Optic Patch Cable

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This is a 10Gb OM3 fiber optic duplex cable assembly with a Plenum jacket, LC Uniboot jumper cable, Additional options available. including Riser Jacket options. Get blazing-fast 10 gigabit performance with laser-optimized multimode fiber (LOMMF) cables. Besides fully providing backward compatibility with existing 50/125 equipment, they also provide the performance headroom required to support LED and VCSEL laser light sources, and 10 gigabit ethernet applications. Has asingle 3mm Aqua Jacket,

Options Available

LC Custom fiber optic jumper options include.
LC/PC (Physical Contact) Polish
LC/UPC (Ultra Physical Contact) polish
LC/APC (Angled Physical Contact) polish

Jacket: Riser (OFNR), Plenum (OFNP), Low Smoke Zero Halogens (LSZH), PVC

Diameter: 0.9mm (900µm), 1.6mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm

Jacket Colors: Aqua, Orange, Green, Red, Blue, Gray, Black, Yellow
LC Multimode 62.5/125µm MMF Fiber  (Corning Fiber Optic Cable)
LC Multimode 50/125µm MMF OM2 Fiber  (Corning Fiber Optic Cable)
LC Multimode 50/125µm MMF OM3 10Gb Laser Optimized Fiber  (Corning Fiber)
LC Simplex cables or LC Duplex Cables are also available in optional colors.
LC Standard boot, LC 45° angled boot, LC 90°angled boot or short boot options.
Corning Fiber Optic Cable, or Fiber One Fiber.
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