14 Port Chassis Media Converter 48V(dual power)
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14 Port Chassis Media Converter 48V(dual power)

Price: $225.30
  • Item #: EMC-R14-2 48VDC
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Fibertronics EMC-R14-2 48VDC provides 14 slots for standalone 10/100M media converter. The chassis is being equipped with dual cooling fans and redundant power supplies (optional). designed for continuous operation.  Its Plug-and-Play and Hot-Swap features allow installing/removing the converter unit without powering off.  The chassis comes with two high quality hot swappable power supplies. Either power unit can be removed without  disturbing the chassis’ operation - offering total efficiency, maximum redundancy and minimum down time. Each converter  is supplied from a common shared power bus - but as an added precaution, each is individually protected in the event of a  problem on the bus or from power surges. Each converter can be removed or loaded without powering down.

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