12 Fiber Fusion Splice Tray (Black)
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12 Fiber Fusion Splice Tray (Black)

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  • Item #: FT-TRAY12
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12 fiber splice cassette (tray) with tilting comes with fibre holder for 12 (24) splice sleeves, can be stacked and is suitable for most types of patch panels and cabinets. Designed with a view for troubleshooting and protection of the fibre since there is plenty of room for the retraction of surplus fibre.



  • Can be stacked, up to 4 pcs. in 1U
  • supplied with holders for Splice sleeves
  • Has the place to 12 (24) pcs. Splice sleeve
  • Easy retraction of surplus fibre.
  • Optional Hang for "book system", for all sides
  • fibre and loose tube entry possibilities from all four sides
  • Standard fixing points.
  • Easy for fixing and maintenance
  • Material: ABS / PC
  • Halogen free and flame-retardant (UL94 V-0)

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