Fibertronics offers a wide range of fiber optic Attenuators.  Available for Singlemode 9/125, Multimode 50/125 and Multimode 62.5/125 applications.  Our Male to Female buildout Optical Attenuation (pads) are availabe in all fiber modes. LC attenuaros, ST, SC, LC/APC, SC/APC, FC and FC/APC types.  The adjustable attenuator uses a Air gap for the attenuation value and is available with a ST or FC configuration.  The Variable attenuator is our newest addition. The In-line type are custom manufactured to meet the length and connector type for the customers needs.  And the most popluar type is the buildout male to female type attenuator.  Available in all fiber modes and connector types.

 What is a fiber optic Attenuator?

What size attenuator should I buy?

A inline component installed in a fiber optic circuit that reduces the power in the optical signal. Often used to limit the optical power received by a photodetector and used limit of the optical power to the receiver. A fiber optic attenuator is also known as a optical pad and may be an external device.  A metal-ion doped fiber attenuator is fiber that has high insertion loss and is used in Fibertronics Attenuator manufacturing.  In-line attenuators us core misalignment for attenuation values. 

Fibertronics attenuators are capable of withstanding over 1W of high power light exposure for extended periods of time, making them well-suited to Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFA)and other high-power applications.